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Re: [IP] Change battery now!! - enough!

I wasn't pointing at you alone, there are numerous people out there who are always stating "facts " against MM and if you researched a little more you'd find that it is not a fact the paradigms lose their memory with battery changes, it did happen to the first batch of paradigmS and that was months and months ago, they have sinced fixed that and  have tried to replaced all pumps that people phoned in with that problem.
There are many facts about the other pumps that I could start talking about, but I'd really rather not since I know there are many Distronic and animas pump users out there who use these pumps and love them and know all the true facts.

My point when posting that last post is: unless you use a paradigm(or have used) you have no idea how it works and whats facts are true, so how about posting the good and bad about your pumps only, so people can find out the true facts they need to know when purchasing or using these pumps.  We could stop alot of confusion and sterio-typing if we'd stop picking on the other brands.

Fact - my paradigm DOES NOT  lose it's memory after a battery change, if you'd like to come to my house so I can once and for all prove it to so be it, I'll leave the battery out for 10 minutes if you like.

Fact - my pump is water proof - and that is an amazingly useful feature

Fact - my pump is a little on the quiet side causing me to possible not hear it under the blankets in the middle of the night, but then again it does alarm when it's supposed to!

Fact - I use this pump and I know these facts are true, do you??

Fact - I know very little about the other pumps but most of what I know is most likely mis-interpreted "facts" that I've heard from other pump users on this site, which is why I don't go on and on about how bad they are, cause I don't know first hand that they are bad.

I use a paradigm, I know my paradigm and in my opinion the paradigm is the best pump out there.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Again, someone is putting words in my mouth I did not utter.  Re-
> read my
> posts on the battery subject and search for the word Paradigm.  
> You won't
> find it.   If you're pump happens to have battery problems, I'm 
> sorry, but
> I didn't point fingers at a specific brand of pump.   I can't help 
> it if there
> is one brand out there with obvious issues that this particular 
> problem applies
> to.
> Stating facts and diss'in are two dinstinctly different actions.  
> The truth
> sometimes hurts.
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