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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #862

 Re: Family support
> Until my mother died she was my support as she lived with me after my
father died and she was great.  She even went >through training with me.
Now I love alone [with my 3 cats] and have no family support.  My brother,
sister-in-law and >2 neices are CNA's and have no idea of diabetes,

Ya, well most doctors and nurses don't have a clue what diabetes is either.
So I wouldn't let that upset you.

>for example - I will be invited up to eat at 4PM and i plan my day for that
but dinner is not serves to 6 or later and >when I get there at 4 he is just
starting dinner.  I tried talking to them and it seemed to fall on deaf
ears.  My sister in >law refuses to allow the younger neices and nephews to
allow me to test and before I was on the pump would not >allow them to see
me give myself the shots.

My Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister in Law got so pissed off at me for testing
and shooting up in front of my two nieces.  IT actually started with my
first niece.  I JUST DID IT.  To hell with them.  They need to learn the
world is not pretty.  I just looked at them after the first time and said
"well then leave and take the kid(s) with you.".  I will be damned if I am
going to go hide just so a little kid won't see me test.  My niece was
asking me all sorts of questions and was very fascinated by it all.  I still
got some attitude for a while after that and then finally the let up on me,
but I NEVER backed down and I never will.  I test etc.  in front of my
friends kids.  Which none of them seem to have a problem with it.  I choose
my friends and not my family which is quite obvious by the different

Life is just way too short and I will not let others dictate where and when
I test or take care of my diabetes.  So I pretty much won't associate with
people who are going to give me a bad time.  My parents even got on me in a
restaurant once.  Boy that was a big mistake they soon learned.  :-)  I'll
never forget too when we out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and my pump was
in my bra.  I just whipped it out and bolused.  No one noticed but my dad
and he could care less by now.  :-)  I just do it.  I don't announce just do
what I need to do.  If they notice oh well if not then fine.  I would say 9
times out of 10 no one around me even knows I've tested or bolused.  They
just don't focus on that.

My dear wonderful partner, best friend, and husband would have me no other
way.  He'll even pipe in and then he gets the wrath of Fran.  :-)  Just

Even my 19 cats are supportive, well except when they want to play with my
tubing.  LOL

>  I had no problem with letting them watch as it is educational I think for
them to understand.

I so agree with you here.  IT is educational, life is educational, so why
not teach when you can.

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