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Re: [IP] changing sites

>>>When everyone changes out there site, does their sugars go up and then
down after a couple of hours and then the site works great? <snip> Tina >>>


The only think I can offer is that it happened to me for about 6 years. Then
I got on the 'net and asked like you are and no one else had the problem.
Later I learned that since I had used straight needles for 10 years that
needed no prime, I thought seeing the insulin drip from the infusion set
before insertion was equal to that straight needle that I bent myself. Not
so. When the introducer needle is removed, the .5u prime (for SofSet 9mm)
needs to go INSIDE your body. That fills the empty space left by that

Maybe or maybe not this could be your problem. Worth my effort if it is.

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