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Re: [IP] Change battery now!!

Interesting.  My R1000 either does the "beep-beep" alarm or the "the world
coming to an end siren" when my batteries go low.   It's kind of a coin toss
which one it will do.

OK now I am afraid, very afraid lol, I have been pumping since Nov 1/02,
plus had saline going one week before, so, comming up to 2 months and I have
as of yet to have any batterie alarms or any thing on my animus pump. I just
hope and pray the dam thing dosent go off tonight when my husband and I are
at the new 'Lord of the Ring's' movie . Would be my luck
lol.............pray for em that it dosent happen during those 3 hours lol.
BTW.........I do carry batteries and extra pump stuff in my purse at all
times ;)
Tami in Tucson
pumping since Nov 1/02 and still havent changed the batterie
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