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[IP] Study: Stem Cells Could Bypass Ethical Quagmire

Thanks for sending that story to the list, Jan.  I just read it before I started reading here.

I am one of those who questions the morality of harvesting stem cells from embryos.  But what I don't think many realize is that just because *some* stem cells make some of us uneasy doesn't mean they *all* do.

Stem cells that my own body could supply get me really excited.  There are no moral questions raised there.  And there isn't any downside, because cells from my own body wouldn't require anti-rejection medications that could compromise my immune system.  It is a win-win situation for everybody involved.

This is the kind of stem cell research we can all support enthusiastically.  That's why I would like to see research dollars go here before they go to embryonic stem cell research.

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