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[IP] Change battery now!! - enough!

EXACTLY!!  And personally I think that unless you've owned a paradigm and have had it fail on you many times(I know there are a few out there) you have no right to be diss'in my pump!  You don't hear me diss'in yours!  And I could!  I love my paradigm I have no complaints and would rather go back to shots then get a different pump!  Yes I would !!  I have been hooked up for a little over a month and have changed the batteries 5-6 times and have no problems, I have also left the battery out for over 2 minutes to see if it would and it didn't lose it's memory.

Just cause your hear bad things about MM doesn't mean there true!!  I happen to be behind them 100% And would appreciate it if people were'nt constantly putting down my $5900 dollar pump, a pump I fought for over 2 years to get, unless you have first hand experience with it!   And even then you just got a bad pump their not all that way!

 Sorry, but I happen to love my pump and can't stand all these complaints against it, from people who think they know all about it.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

-----> Ummm, a little reality check: the Paradigm does *not*
> lose basals on *every* battery change.  In six months,
> I have never lost any information from my Paradigm.
> I do however, keep a written list of my basals as
> a backup, and I think that common sense dictates
> that every pumper should do the same, regardless of
> which pump he or she uses.
> I heard a rumour recently that, *gasp*, pumps
> occasionally fail.  You may not like the chance of
> losing basal settings with the Paradigm.  O.K.--
> you've got a right to feel comfortable with your 
> choice of pump.  But I have yet to hear that other
> pumps have a *zero* chance of failing in a way that
> loses basal settings.
> regards,
> markt
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