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Re: [IP] Change battery now!!

> For people with large number of basal rates,
> entering them after every battery failure would not
> be easy or convenient.  I know that I can't remember

> the starting point of all 6 of my basal rates, nor
> the hourly delivery rate for each and every one.
> Re-entering them every time I change batteries isn't
> an option.

> I have trouble seeing why people see this as an
> accpetable product defect.

Ummm, a little reality check: the Paradigm does *not*
lose basals on *every* battery change.  In six months,
I have never lost any information from my Paradigm.

I do however, keep a written list of my basals as
a backup, and I think that common sense dictates
that every pumper should do the same, regardless of
which pump he or she uses.

I heard a rumour recently that, *gasp*, pumps
occasionally fail.  You may not like the chance of
losing basal settings with the Paradigm.  O.K.--
you've got a right to feel comfortable with your 
choice of pump.  But I have yet to hear that other
pumps have a *zero* chance of failing in a way that
loses basal settings.


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