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Re: [IP] Change battery now!!

I haven't woken up before with a low battery but a couple of days I woke up
and bolused as usual for breakfast, I guess not paying much attention to a
little sympol that was on my pump and it came up with no delivery so when I
checked how much insulin I had left, I only had two units left. I didn't hear
any alarm during the night but I'm pregnant and once I'm asleep, it takes a
lot to wake me up. Lucky I woke up when I did. :)

MM 508 since May 2002
My dog woke me up at 3:20 am playing with his toys in my bed I rolled over and
yelled at him you go to sleep, then I heard this little beep, beep, beep.  I
said(out loud) what's that, then panic struck as I searched for my pump and
found it under my blankets pulled it out and pushed the back light, the pump
read "change battery now"  "press esc, then act"  Well I freaked I didn't even
know that was one of the screens!  I thought it only said low battery!  So I
turned every light in the house on trying to find my pump kit which had been
in the living room for over a month now, well my mom woke up and tried to help
me, she apparently moved it somewhere and we still don't know where!!  any way
then I remebered I had one in my purse and dug it out and changed the battery.
I checked memory and it was fine and went back to bed, then I checked the
alarm history and it said it alarmed low battery at 12:01 am!!  Well I went to
sleep at 11:30 How could I not of heard it!  I guess I w!
as out like a light!.

Has anyone else had that screen reading?  It scared the crap out of me I can
handle a low battery reading but "change battery now" means business!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
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