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Re: [IP] Dialysis

>>> My nephrologist has told me when and not if, I go on dialysis.
Both she and my cardiologist want me to do peritoneal dialysis instead of
Were you offered that choice and if so, what made you go  to hemodialysis.


I suppose I was given a choice. The Baxter rep (dialysis equipment mfgr)
gave a class explaining all forms of dialysis. It was normally a 1.5 hr
session, but I stretched it out to 2 hrs cuz I asked questions. ;) The rep
said later that I had turned a boring class into the most interesting one
she'd done. LOL  I'm told that most people who do PD will eventually get
peritonitis and have to do hemo anyway. You also have bags of fluid in you
and look pregnant. There is a lady at my center who looks about 10 mos. pg
now (currently hospitalized) but doesn't show up for treatments, etc. I
didn't care for that idea.

Doing PD at home requires a sterile almost antisceptic environment and I
have tooooo many dust bunnies for that >(^,,^)< (dunno how to make a bunny).
I like being around people and once I have a good technician trained, I have
them ROFL. BTW, my center is only 4 miles from home so that is verrrrrrrry
convenient. My hugsband is also not driving a semi any more so that helps as
well. I can drive to and fro, but he has found a room full of new best
friends. ;)

Chris, are you taking EPO injections and iron supplements yet? What % is
your present function? I started dialysis at 12% due to weight loss, no
appetite, gagging on my food and pills, sleeping 12 hrs. a day, and
generally feeling like I was full of it (I was cuz the kidneys wouldn't
excrete it). Usually mandatory at 10% but *they* say a DMer recovers more
quickly at a higher percentage and feels much better sooner. One DMer waited
to 8% and was almost an emergency situation. Don't do that.

I do feel much better, not sleeping as much, eat all my food, starve during
the treatment while watching food commercials (!!!), and we have taken two
2/3 mile walks around our neighborhood where it was 500' and back. I hate
every minute of the process, however.

I have my treatments worked out to do one the a.m. of Fri., January 10, 03,
get on a plane that afternoon to go to Phoenix for Tom Beatson's 60th DM
anniversary party 1/11/03, then arrive back home the aft. of Mon. 1/13/03
and have a treatment that evening. If traveling longer, they do make
arrangements ahead of time for treatments so travel is allowed. I just have
a problem with my sensitivity that I feel the needles so acutely and there
are several techs I won't let canulate me. Hate to break in a new center.
lol ewwwwwwwwwwwww (~_^)

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