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Re: [IP] Becky's tagline

haha, i've already gotten two emails from people who were concerned and who also didn't read the
rest of the message. i only meant that since i've gotten my pump, my friends, who were before that
time wont to beg me to allow them to "stab" me before meals, have had their homicidal impulses
frustrated. i got the pump on 11/21/01 (as my signature usually indicates), and so since then i've
been thwarting my peers' urgent need to stab me three times a day =)

so, thanks for the concern-- it's sweet and everytning, but unnecessary. guess i've learned MY
lesson-- will keep my tongue well away from the sensitive cheek region in the future on this list.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age, 10, not been poked by syringes or her crazy friends since 11/21/01)

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