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Re: [IP] How I Hate Injections Information - Is it really "pointless"

In a message dated 12/19/02 7:53:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> That is probably very true, Barbara.   They put a lubricant on the needle
> that allows it to pierce the skin easier and that is probably worn off by
> the third time.   Some of us old-timers (read: that used to use the glass
> syringes and sharpen our own needles) are maybe thinner skinned people.
> That or we are just neuropathic enough to not notice.    ;>)
> After you take injections for twenty or thirty years, it seems to get to 
> the
> point that it doesn't matter so much how much point it has.  If you get my
> point!      :>)

    I have  done this a few times, in a pinch, when I was on injections, and 
didn't notice that I was out of syringes, and unable to get some for a few 
days.  Another thing I noticed besides a dull needle was that the plunger 
started sticking, and it was hard to push after a while.  I felt guilty about 
re-unsing them, but I guess quite a lot of us have done it.

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