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[IP] c-peptide unreliable as a marker for type 2 or type 1

have been to Joslin, and they do want to consider it a rare presentation of
type 1, but my docs say no, because of the c-peptide which is still there
five years after diagnosis, and the improved glycemic control with oral
meds.  It really matters little, in that a good a1c without hypoglycemia is
still the goal  Good luck with your own control, and happy holidays.

John Griffin

As most endocrinologists know, c-peptide is an unreliable marker for type 1 or
type 2 diabetes. there are type 1 diabetics who synthesize bad insulin and
have sky high c-peptide levels, take away the insulin and they go into
ketacidosis. Most endocrinologists object to c-peptide being used as a type 1
marker. According to Halle Berry herself she has type 1 diabetes and had a
bout of DKA which landed her in the hospital. as for lean type 2 diabetics,
Almost every doctor has seen this at least once in practice. It is not rare.
At autopsy there are many insulin receptors in the liver and a fatty liver. A
pancreas exam shows the typical picture of type 2 diabetes. spot
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