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Re: [IP] Change battery now!!

> > At 09:29 PM 12/20/02, you wrote:
> >>> Summer appears to be using a Paradigm.   It's only MM pumps that put
> >>> fear of god into people when the low battery alarm goes off.  Other
> >>> don't seem to come down with cases of amnesia when batteries are
> >>
> >> My Animas does.  I have absolutely ZERO warning.  Hence why I always
> >> spare batteries with me.
> >>
> >> Fran
> >
> > Sometimes my H-Tron+ gives no warning either.  It alarms and you have it
> > put in a new battery NOW! too.
> >
> > RoseLea
> ABIR, one of the batteries in the H-tron would give me a warning, the
> would just crap out.  I think the #3 pump motor would go for almost
> day before it had to be changed but once the #2 electronics battery bit
> it hit hard.   Same with my Animas.   BUT!!!!   Neither of these pumps
> lose programming OR the history of their operation.   Sure, putting your
> basals back in is easy enough, but losing all the history is NOT a very
> reassuring happening with your life support.      :>(

True, for this has never happened to me with either the H-Tron or Animas.  I
really do love the Animas pump except for the battery thingy and it's
obonxious anyoying *&$%(%*%$ alarms.  I had gotten my low cartridge warning
last night and forgot to put a new cartridge in thinking I would be ok till
the am.  But NOOOOOOOOOO that damn thing went off at 4:00 am.  And of course
I didn't hear the initial alarm and then I got the one that sounds like the
world is coming to end.  My pump almost came to an end.  LOL

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