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RE: [IP] working out with the pump

Based on your fasting/morning readings, you certainly need to be
careful.  You may want to try reducing your basal rates by 50% at least
an hour before exercising and for 1-2 hours post workout.  Gatorade or
other sports drink is my carb of choice before and/or during workouts.
Of course testing is also critical as your glucose can be affected for
many hours post workout especially if the exercise was particularly
strenuous (anerobic) or of longer duration (aerobic).  Trend your
glucose response closely at first until you understand what works best
for you to keep things in "balance".  Good luck.

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Subject: [IP] working out with the pump

I am a new pumper - pumping since 11/02 (dx'd '92 - MDI since then).  I
like to start working out more intensely than I have been but am
about lows.  I have always hated having to eat, then work out, then eat
to fight off the lows.  Now that I am pumping I should be able to
better, (right!!???) but would love to hear from anyone who regularly
out and how they handle all of the adjustments with their pump/basals 
etc...My best time to work out is first thing in the morning - however I
almost always 70 - 90 when I wake up - so, of course, I have to eat or
something pretty high in carbs before even thinking about a rigorous
 I would also love to know what you eat/drink before/during/after
workouts to 
keep BGs at the right level...HELP!!  Thanks!!

Lisa dx'd at15 (1992)
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