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Re: [IP] Change battery now!!

On 12/20/02 11:22 PM, "RoseLea" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> At 09:29 PM 12/20/02, you wrote:
>>> Summer appears to be using a Paradigm.   It's only MM pumps that put the
>>> fear of god into people when the low battery alarm goes off.  Other pumps
>>> don't seem to come down with cases of amnesia when batteries are changed.
>> My Animas does.  I have absolutely ZERO warning.  Hence why I always have
>> spare batteries with me.
>> Fran
> Sometimes my H-Tron+ gives no warning either.  It alarms and you have it
> put in a new battery NOW! too.
> RoseLea

ABIR, one of the batteries in the H-tron would give me a warning, the other
would just crap out.  I think the #3 pump motor would go for almost another
day before it had to be changed but once the #2 electronics battery bit it,
it hit hard.   Same with my Animas.   BUT!!!!   Neither of these pumps would
lose programming OR the history of their operation.   Sure, putting your
basals back in is easy enough, but losing all the history is NOT a very
reassuring happening with your life support.      :>(

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