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Re: [IP] reminders?not horrible

> > This may make me sound like a totally horrible
> person, but I keep 
> > forgetting to test.  
I would not say you are horrible. More like just not
wanting to think about this disease all the time. I
have my meter laying open and ready to test right
beside the stove and the back door. This way it
reminds me to test. When I 'm preparing food, there it
is. when I'm ready to go out, it's right beside my
keys. I switched to the active accucheck because it
takes 5 seconds. It sounds silly to say this but my
old meter took 30seconds and I would skip testing
because I felt I didn't have time. But I seem to
always have time for a 5 sec test. Put your meter in
the most visible place. Leave it open and ready. If
you use tissues, have them there also. (I use the old
lickem and go- got that tip on this list). lol peg

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