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Re: [IP] Brad and Natalie <email @ redacted>

> Brad and Natalie <email @ redacted>
> We are the parents of a 5 year old son who has been on the pump
> (Paradigm) for one year.  He has diabetes since August 1999.
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Hi folks,

There are many kids that start pumping as toddlers including our
youngest pumper member,  a boy in Arkansas named Maverick who started
on the pump in August '00 at the tender age of 10 days old. In
addition, there are many other toddlers whose parents are members of
the support forum mail list. There is one young lady now 21 who
started 18 years ago!!! at age 3.

See the kids page of the web site for Maverick's story and many
others. What do the kids think? Read Lily's comments about pumping
(Lily's Essay). All at:


If you haven't done so already, to become better informed on all
aspects of pumping, purchase the book "Pumping Insulin". There is a
link to the correct amazon page on the BOOKS page of our web site at:


About the mail lists. Insulin Pumpers web site and mail lists are the
largest support forums in the world for the users of insulin pumps.
Its members include many Dr's, CDE's, RN's, over 500 kids who started
pumping at ages 12 days thru teen (or their parents), and over 3000
adult pumpers. If a challenge has come up, one of these many
contributors has surely faced it or something similar and can tell how
they solve the problem.

Hope this helps,

Best Regards,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director

p.s. send me your son's first name and I'll put him on the "KIDS 

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