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[IP] Letter of Medical Necessity

My MD and I have decided that pumping would be the best way for me to manage
my bGs.
I've been diabetic for about 30 years, and tho my A1c's are about 7+ my bG
test results are very erratic.  My MD has no other patients on pumps, so we
are learning together how to give  the insurance company  the right
information for them to agree.    I have had my A1c done every three months
for years, and  I have given him detailed bG records, downloaded into the
Compass program from my meter to send to them.  I thought one of the books you
all had recommended, "Smart Pumping",  had a sample "letter of medical
necessity", but it doesn't.  Is there a resource for such a sample for someone
trying for a pump that anyone knows about?  If so, please let me know.   I am
so excited about this having struggled with the decision for months.  The list
has been invaluable to me because of the candid  way that you all have shared
the day to day triumphs and troubles of pumping and the encouragement you've
given to each other.  I'm SO looking forward to better control.
Thanks, Sarah Jones
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