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Re: [IP] islet cell/women no longer a diabetic

can anyone volenteer for
this, i guess its like being a guinea pig. just curious. thanks eileen

It is still experimental Eileen. I had two transplants in Edmonton, AB in
2000, was off of insulin for just over 1 month. It was great, but I was also
going through a lot of personal emotional termoil at the time, and my body
rejected the transplant. We do not know for certian why I rejected, but I
believe a big factor was my high stress at the time.
I was on tracolymus and sirolimus (anti rejection meds) and I had some minor
side effects, but nothing seriouse and nothing that would make me not do it
Basically what they are looking for is "healthy diabetics with a
complication" my complication was no longer feeling my reactions, I met the
transplant criteria perfectly at the time.
If you have any other questions concerning this please feel free to ask, my
email address is email @ redacted .  I am now back to being a type one
diabetic and feel like I was on the front lines in our battle to find the
cure. I feel like I now have the next best thing to the cure with my pump!
Tami in Tucson
pumping since Nov 1/02
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