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Re: [IP] Change battery now!!

> Has anyone else had that screen reading?  It scared
> the crap out of me I can handle a low battery
> reading but "change battery now" means business!!

I had a similar experience with my Paradigm a few
weeks back.  At 4:00 a.m., my pump started chirping
and the screen showed something like: "OFF NO POWER"
I must have been pretty groggy, because I kept
insisting to my wife that the chirps weren't from
my pump, but from the bread machine which I had put
on a timer cycle before going to bed.  After I was
convinced that there was no possible chance of my
pump baking breakfast for us, I cleared the alarm
and changed the battery.

On reviewing the alarm history the next day, I was
surprised to see that there was no "LowBattery"
alarm before the no-power alarm--so I called MM to
express mild concern. The only explanation offered
was a possible bad battery.

Now my real worry isn't a bad battery every once in
a while, but some sort of electrical/mechanical
issue with the pump that may cause it to lose power
unexpectedly. So, I've started a "battery log" for
my pump.  I'm recording date/time for each battery
change, and will re-contact MM if average battery
life for my pump starts to go down.


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