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Re: [IP] reminders?

I haven't read the entire thread, so I'm not familiar
with all of the suggestions that you've received, but
I thought that I would offer my 2 cents worth.
I'm not pumping yet (soon... real soon), but I've had
a tough time with testing in the past, too. 
Personally, I have a little electronic organizer which
allows me to schedule alarms to remind me of anything.
 I can easily reschedule alarms for a different time
the same day or the same or a different time the next
(or any other) day.  I have many alarms that I keep on
there that I just reschedule for the next day.  I have
reminders to take meds, test blood sugar, etc.  I even
have a reminder for "Lunch" so that I don't forget on
busy work days.
You can pick up a number of different models with a
variety of features from your local office supply or
electronics store, or Wal-Mart has a few.
Then, the only problem would be remembering to keep
the organizer with you!
Good luck!

This may make me sound like a totally horrible person,
but I keep forgetting to test.  Doc doesn't have me on
any set schedule, I'd just like to be testing 4-5
times a day at various times like 1st thing in the am,
before meals, 2 hours after meals, middle of the day
or middle of the night, etc.
But  I am always forgetting.  So I'm looking for
ideas.  How can I remind myself?  I have 2 meters, one
for in my purse and one I keep at home in the
bedroom.  Don't tell me "it's so important to test"
and that should be my reminder.  I know it's important
otherwise I wouldn't be asking.  But I have
so much on my mind lately.  Suggestions?  Thanks

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