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Subject: [IP] Re: reminders

The ONLY secret to better control is to test and test often.  When I run a
marathon for Team Diabetes I test between 10-12 times during the race, 3-4
times before, and 3-4 times after.  If I didn't, I would surely go into
hypoglycemic shock, and finish the race in the back of a big black hearse.  No
one has to remind me to test.  Now after having done it for so long, it has
become second nature.  I am just thankful that we have practical home
glucometers.  We used to have to go to the doctor every 3-6 months and he
would test us, and send the sample off to a lab in Lower Slobovia.  A lot of
good that did.  I have been a Type I for almost 30 years, but only had the
"luxury" of home testing for the last 5 or so.  Thankfully, I've still got
most of my fingers and toes.  I use the DEX meter with its 10-strip
"whizwheel".  Sure beats carring a vial of strips around.  The way I figure
it, testing sure beats dialysis or worse.
Team Diabetes
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