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[IP] thyroid questions

Hi, i have graves disease, just got my bloodtest reports back. my a1c was 
5.7, which is good. but my thyroid was 3.0, dr noted goal is 1.0. not sure 
what that means, but i went from taking 100mg of levoxyl, to 112mg (in july) 
and now since this latest result i am taking 125mg. i have been feeling 
really tired, could this be why? why does it keep changing? i am assuming i 
am to high, i had radioactive iodine pill done about 2 years ago, then few 
months later i had to start taking levoxyl. maybe it changes with age or is 
from diabetes? i called my dr but he is away until jan. its not an emergency 
but i would just like to know. also my chol, the lipids are elevated, could 
this be from my thyroid too? my total chol. is usually 160, now its 210, and 
my bad chol, is 139, should be 100. if next test its still that high, wants 
me to take medicine for. any advice i would appreciate, you can email direct 
or thru ip thanks eileen, diag. 1969 pumping 2 years
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