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[IP] pump manufacturers

Regarding the various pump manufacturers.
On my last visit to my ENDO he suggested I look at the pump to get better
control after 3 years of MDI. He gave me the only literature he had in his
office at the time. It was a book and video on the Animas pump. Of course
being a diabetic and a compulsory shopper I shopped around and did 30-45
days of research. During that research of course I found this site and some
others. This site has made all the difference in the world. Since I had to
make choice on staying on MDI or spending $6000.00 on a pump I wanted to
make absolutely sure I was as an informed consumer as possible. I made
contact with all of the pump manufacturers available to me. The Animas rep
was the first in the door. The MM rep never made any contact until I
actually went to a pump support group meeting at my ENDOs office. She was
very helpful but since she knew I was going to be shopping around she seemed
to make no effort except to check my insurance coverage. The person who
really made the biggest impact was the CDE at the pump support group. She
was actually employed by MM but told me on the side that whichever pump I
chose it would make all of the difference in the world on how I treat my
Diabetes. She was not partial....just enthused about pump therapy in
The Animas rep called me out of the blue after having an appointment with my
ENDO. He wanted to come by my house and demo the pump. He wasn't pushy. I
have been a salesman for 12 years and appreciated his touch. He came over
and showed me everything. He offered me the Animas Software ezManager for
free. He offered me A PDA for free. They took care of all the insurance
garbage. Wrote the letter of medical necessity for my ENDO. The level of
compassion and energy shown by the staff at Animas made the decision that
much easier. I did get calls from other pump reps. None of them offered to
come see me. I work two jobs and so does my wife. The effort to my rep made
to see me and my wife was awesome.
Needless to say I start training the first week of January. What an amazing
New Years Resolution I get to make! I am going to start pumping and
hopefully live to see my kids live their lives and maybe even their kids.

John Kaspar
age 32
DXd 5 Yrs MDI 3yrs

>One thing I'd like to suggest regarding the report that Minimed was
>being kind of "pushy".  That might be more a matter of perception
>rather than actuality.

>Minimed works hard to get things through as a SERVICE to its
>customers.  They take on the headaches of dealing with insurance and
>all that so that you don't have to.

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