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Re: [IP] Re: Family Support (kinda long)

My question to the group is, what's the dumbest, most ignorant thing
anyone has ever said to you about your Diabetes?

Well. . . the dumbest and most ignorant comment award definitely goes to
my mother who thinks I got TYPE 1 diabetes from being fat.  My husband is
very supportive, so feel free to laugh at his comment.  He changed life
insurance companies to get more coverage for less money.  He asked them
if they could help me.  When we first bought the policy 9 years ago, I
was a non-diabetic, so when they heard that I now have diabetes their
answer was short and to the point. "Nope, we can't help her."   My policy
will run out in about 6 years, and my kids will be old enough not to need
a nanny or anything, so we've decided not to renew at that point.  My
husband looked thoughtful and said, "You know, we might start pre-paying
your funeral expenses then."  Oh, great, I'll be 44 years old, and he's
got me dead and buried!  Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Also, my best friend had her whole Sunday school class praying for me, so
that meant a lot :)


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