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[IP] Re: Family Support (kinda long)

<My question to the other 4,000 list members: How many of you have family

I do not. My hugsband of 42+ years has finally come around in about the last
7 years. The rest of the family doesn't either know or care that I am on


My husband and my sister are very supportive, unfortunately my sister lives near San Diego and I live near Philadelphia.  From the moment of my diagnosis in March of this year, I've found it very comforting to share my feelings and daily struggles with both of them.  They are the only people I know who seem to "get it."  On the other hand, I cannot talk about things with my mother.  She has down-played the significance of it since I first broke the news to her, and has not bothered to learn anything about it.  Her ignorance on the subject astounds me.  She is also very insensitive.  Shortly after my diagnosis, she said "Quit feeling sorry for yourself, it could be worse.  You weren't diagnosed with cancer."  Then she mentioned the old expression, "I complained because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet."  Talk about the wrong thing to say to a Diabetic.

I also have a "friend" who is not very supportive, although she thinks she is.  The day I told her I had diabetes and had to take a shot of insulin every night (started on 1 shot of Lantus initially), her first comment was, "My grandmother used to have that - it's no big deal."  (Now, her grandmother is still alive, so I don't know how she wouldn't have it anymore.  This woman obviously knows nothing about Diabetes either.)  Her second comment was, "I have to remember to wear a night guard now every night because I grind my teeth, so it's just like that - something else you'll have to remember to do."  As if I could "forget" I have to take insulin.  Unfortunately, I'll never forget that remark.  At that point you realize there are some people who will never understand.  She has since made other numerous ignorant comments and observations, which have only led me to withdraw from her more.  And she wonders why I don't call her anymore.

My question to the group is, what's the dumbest, most ignorant thing anyone has ever said to you about your Diabetes?

(dx'd 3/02, pumping since 8/02)
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