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Re: [IP] Organ donation

I've been following this thread with some interest.  Since I take 24
different medications, I doubt that anyone would want my blood, particularly
since very few of them are "fun" drugs.

I worked as a mortician assistant to pay my way through college.  It was
then that I discovered how few eye donations actually make it to a donor.
The organs have to be harvested pretty quickly and in most cases it was
hours before a doctor did the removal.

Even still, there is value in this.  Otherwise up and coming doctors would
not get the practice they need to harvest eyes.

I have solved the organ donation dilemma by being an anatomical donor.  When
I die, my body will be sent to Wright State University School of Medicine
for students to work and do  research on.  It has been the fine folks who
have trained there that have kept me alive so long.  This is my way of
thanking them.

My second reason is that when I was in college my father always complained,
"I think you are always going to be in college."  When my body is of no
further use to the medical school, it will be cremated and interred  at the

So, guess what dad?  I will always be in a college!!!!!

Consider anatomical donation.  You could end up being part of the cure for

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