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[IP] RE: Non Pro-pump Endos

At 09:09 AM 12/20/02, Jim Bernard wrote:
>I am continuously amazed at the number of posts here where people
>describe their Endo MD as not "pro-pump".  I do not understand how
>anyone with that amount of training and specialization would not want as
>many of their patients as possible to realize the benefits of a pump.
>Maybe if they had to take 4-6 shots for a few days they would feel
>differently.  If my MD was not pro pump...I would run as fast as I could
>to find a new one.  I have only been pumping for a little more than a
>month but cannot believe the change it has made in my control AND my
>lifestyle.  I seriously question any MD's rationale for not wanting ALL
>of their patients to use a pump.  It should be our choice and they
>should support it!!!

While my endo is more cautious and I wouldn't call him pro-pump (yet), he 
does have patients on the pump.  I guess I could say that his office is 
pro-pump (there are a number of endos there).  When I first asked about 
pumping his main concerns were whether the insurance would pay for it for 
someone he thought was in pretty good control (let me fight that battle, 
thank you) and in the past (early days of pumping for their office) they 
had a considerable number of patients who got pumps and then relegated them 
to dresser drawers since they didn't care for being hooked up to the pump 
all the time afterwards.  I realize that he's a bit older and so is 
probably more cautious when putting a patient on the pump.  We all must 
remember too, that while pumping is wonderful and is a better way of 
controlling diabetes, it also takes more work.  I think that some endos 
feel they need to be sure that the patient is up to the additional work 
involved with pumping.  Consider this:  if endos just stuck EVERYONE on 
pumps and a large amount of them really didn't want it or care to do the 
additional work, those patients would not succeed and the pumping failure 
rate would be higher.  I know some people with diabetes who have no desire 
to pump.  Patients with non pro-pump endos may just have to do a bit more 
work to assure the doctor that they are serious about pumping.  And, if 
that doesn't work, then it's time to find a new doctor.

been there, done that
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