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[IP] Replacement pump

>From: "Handsfield, James H. (PHPPO)" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: RE: [IP] Replacement pump

>Leonard Lutz [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

>> MM seems to have a great product, an I wouldn't knock them in any way..
> >I'm just going to say that I like the Disetronic idea, of the extra pump.

>The second pump is provided only, IIRC, with the H-tron, not the D-tron.
>That was done as a requirement of the Swiss government for just the reason
>you mention.  Of course I could be wrong (but I'm not uncertain).

I spoke to a US sales rep about this about 1.5 months ago:

H-tron plus always had 2 pumps [mine I got in 1996 did].  The D-tron (no
plus) originally came with one pump and an insulin pen.  Sometime in the
second half of '02 Disetronic went over to shipping 2 pumps with the D-tron.
The D-tron plus always came with 2 pumps.

I will be able to confirm this Monday when my upgrade to the D-tron plus is
scheduled to arrive. (hoorah!)  I am not to start using it until I am
trained by a CDE.  (boo!)  An FDA requirement.

I know a few others already responded, but I hope this clears the confusion.

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