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[IP] Re: Minimed being pushy?

>Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 09:38:17 -0500
>From: Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Re: Minimed being pushy?

>One thing I'd like to suggest regarding the report that Minimed was
>being kind of "pushy".  That might be more a matter of perception
>rather than actuality.

>Minimed works hard to get things through as a SERVICE to its
>customers.  They take on the headaches of dealing with insurance and
>all that so that you don't have to.


Well, how about a report of Medtronic/Minimed not being pushy, at all, to
the point of poor business.

My story.  My H-tron plus went back to Disetronic for its technical
inspection.  It was found to have hairline cracks around the battery
compartment.  This was used with my insurance to argue for an upgrade.
December 2 the Disetronic rep spoke with insurance and faxed letter of
technical failure (or some such thing).  I learn that I didn't get my pump
back right away because we are exploring upgrading.  Now however my
insurance co. noticed that Disetronic is not an "in-network" service
provider.  The insurance does their work and finds that meditronic is the
"in-network" provider of insulin pumps and somehow notifies meditronic.  I
am not informed about this.

Now cut to Dec 17th.  I have heard nothing and it has been a while, so I
call Disetronic to find out.  The technical rep explains that I am due an
upgrade, but he has assumed that some other pump supplier is now working
with me.  I haven't heard squat from my insurance or minimed.  The
Disetronic rep does point out that according to my insurance co. I've
already paid out my yearly maximum for "out-of-network" service.  After 4 or
5 frustrating calls I confirm this and inform my insurance that I want the
Disetronic H-Tron Plus, give them the phone and FAX of the Disetronic guy
and make it very clear that I want this expense to occur in this calendar
year.  Today, 19 Dec. the Disetronic guy confirms everything, pump will ship
today and arrive on Monday.

I suspect I am more loyal to Disetronic than many others.  But I wasn't even
contacted by minimed.  If they can pass up pre-approved pump users then
business must be great.  I would think that most people in my position would
have gotten a Minimed-  If Minimed contacted them.  This is taking "not
pushy" to a whole new level.  Don't get me wrong my sister (in another
state) uses Minimed and has been happy with her 507 & 508.  I know they make
a fine product, but with this level of service before the sale, what would
it be like afterward?

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