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Re: [IP] How I Hate Injections Infomation

>>>When they tried to make the needles more ultra-fine they took away some of
the life.  Frankly I think the current syringes hurt more.  YMMV.<<<

And I thought I was the only one!  While pregnant early this year, I took my breakfast insulin by injection to avoid having to change reservoir too often.  I got a new box of syringes and noticed the shorter syringe.  I then noticed that my shots really hurt!

When I was on shots years ago, I can remember having injections that were often almost painless.  I don't think I had a single injection with those smaller syringes that didn't hurt.

But I did wonder when it happened what the cause was.  Was it the syringe?  Or maybe the Humalog insulin?  The Humalog, though, almost never hurts when it comes through the pump.  It also occurred to me that it may be a combination of the two factors.

That made me really hate those injections.  But I honestly can't understand why they would market these "ultrafine" syringes when they do cause MORE pain.  It doesn't make sense.  Maybe it doesn't work that way for everyone?

There is *one* thing I miss about being on shots as opposed to the pump.  I miss the chance to say, "Think I'll go shoot myself!" when it was time to take another injection.  Somehow, "Think I'll go change my site" doesn't have the same affect.  ;-)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990

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