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Re: [IP] MM's CBGM

>>>>My Endo is not very
> pro pump nor CBGM but she is supportive of what I want :o) so I am not
> counting on too many "pointers" from her.

>>>I am glad you endo is supportive of what you want, yet if I were you I would
get a new endo that is supportive of pumping and the CBGM.  It just doesn't
sound like a good match.<<<

When I went on the pump, that was the kind of doctor I had.  Actually, he wasn't anti-pump at all, he just believed that control with ultralente and regular (back then, before Lantus and Humalog were around) could work just as well.

Having a decidedly pro-pump endo is certainly desirable, but it really isn't required.  We're not all so fortunate to have the definite pro-pump doctors close by.  In that situation, a doctor that is pro YOU and the care that YOU want is a pretty good second best.

Given that this doctor is supportive of the patient, I don't think this endo is necessarily a bad match.  Not perfect, but not bad, by any means.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990

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