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[IP] Community rallies to help Louisbourg girl (Cape Breton)

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Community rallies to help Louisbourg girl

Thursday, December 19, 2002

In a few short weeks, four-year-old Abby Gledhill's life has changed for the

And her parents say the generous support of the Louisbourg community ? where
they reside ? is responsible.

Abby's mother Jennifer Gledhill said her daughter was diagnosed with type 1
diabetes in 2001 and until she received an insulin pump last month, she had
to have up to four insulin injections per day.

Even with the four injections, controlling Abby's sugar levels had been next
to impossible.

"We did everything we were supposed to but we could not control it," she sai
d. "We could not regulate her sugars so we started looking at alternative
ways to control the diabetes."

One of the alternatives Jennifer and her husband Harry Gledhill began looking
into was an insulin pump, which is a small pocket-size machine that drips
insulin into the body 24 hours a day.

But without medical coverage ? the insulin pump itself costs $6,000 and the
monthly supply for the pump is $500 ? the technology seemed out of reach for
the Gledhills, until members of the community got wind of the situation and
offered to help.

Jennifer explained that two women from the local legion first offered to do
some fundraising and it just snowballed from there with various community
groups and individuals organizing fundraisers and benefits for the young

"Every group in town has pulled together to do something for her," she said.
"Everybody has chipped in. It was really nice to see."

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