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Re: [IP] reminders?

My only thought would be one of those watches that have multiple alarms, they are I believe more $ than a regular watch but can have close to a dozen alarms set.  I think they are mainly used by heart condition patients etc, that HAVE to take pills at specific times.

Also once you start testing regularily you'll most likely start doing it on your own, its just a matter of making it a habit!!

Good luck!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

> This may make me sound like a totally horrible person, but I keep 
> forgettingto test.  Doc doesn't have me on any set schedule, I'd 
> just like to be
> testing 4-5 times a day at various times like 1st thing in the am, 
> beforemeals, 2 hours after meals, middle of the day or middle of 
> the night, etc.
> But  I am always forgetting.  So I'm looking for ideas.  How can I 
> remindmyself?  I have 2 meters, one for in my purse and one I keep 
> at home in the
> bedroom.  Don't tell me "it's so important to test" and that 
> should be my
> reminder.  I know it's important otherwise I wouldn't be asking.  
> But I have
> so much on my mind lately.  Suggestions?  Thanks
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