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Re: [IP] reminders?

> This may make me sound like a totally horrible person, but I keep forgetting
> to test.  Doc doesn't have me on any set schedule, I'd just like to be
> testing 4-5 times a day at various times like 1st thing in the am, before
> meals, 2 hours after meals, middle of the day or middle of the night, etc.
> But  I am always forgetting.  So I'm looking for ideas.  How can I remind
> myself? 

The actual "clock time" that you test is not nearly as important as 
before and after "what events". If you can set your mind to test when 
the events occur then you have the problem solved. Here's the 

Upon waking
Before meal or snack
2-3 hours post prandial
Before driving or operating dangerous or heavy machinery
Hourly while doing the above
When you "feel" low or high
Every 20-30 minutes while correcting a low
Hourly while correcting a high
Before exercise or watersports
Hourly or as needed while doing above
Before bed
2-3:00 am if unusual activities during the day or you suspect a night
low will occur

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