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Re: [IP] venting about my new job

>" I just started working in patient support at a
> diabetic supply company. "

Oh, I hear ya!  I just started working as Director of
Community Relations for an Assisted Living  facility. 
Most of our patients have Alzheimer's and many are
diabetic.  The lack of knowledge of our care managers
is astonishing.  The only way they know to control
diet is to use what is referred as a "no concentrated
sweets" diet....whatever that is.  I am a carb counter
and can't see how they can believe that you will give
these folks good BG controll by just watching their
sweet intake and yet feed them unlimited quanities of
breads, pastas, fruits and cereals.  
Good luck in your job...Maybe it is a chance we can
use to educate.  Blessings, Cynthia

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