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[IP] venting about my new job

I just started working in patient support at a diabetic supply company.  We
only supply people with insurance and most of our people are Medicare and
only get their testing supplies through us.  I was shocked and appalled to
learn the Medicare would only cover their testing supplies.  They will cover
AAA batteries but not needles and insulin?  And the won't cover some oral
meds either is my understanding.  Correct me if I am wrong.  I'm finding
that the insurance companies, especially Medicaid and Medicare, put up so
many hoops that they make people jump through and there are so many stupid
rules.  Don't they understand that more stress make health worse, especially
for us?  And the things they don't cover... it drives me crazy!
And the doctors offices I am dealing with... I can't believe how many
incompetent and ignorant people -nurses and doctors- I am encountering.  I
had to call to get some paperwork filled out and asked if the patient was
type 1 or 2.  Nurse said 1.  Then I asked if the patient was on insulin.
Nurse said no.  And she had the chart right in front of her.  I have only
been doing this less than 2 weeks and that is not the only time that
happened!  I ask nurses type 1 or 2 and they say "both" or "what does that
mean" or "type one because they are using insulin."  Don't nurses have to go
to school to become nurses?  And doctors who sign medical paperwork without
filling any of it out or filling it out with the wrong answers!  I want to
scream at them!  Do they not care at all?
So anyway, that is how my last 2 weeks have gone.  I am about to explode but
I would probably lose my job, lol.  Thank for letting me vent, it really
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