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Re: [IP] donations

> I don't know about this but if you checked into it, unless you are on
> or bovine insulin you are eligible in the us to donate blood accoring to
> usa. they don't want your bone marrow if you are a pumper. you cannot be a
> leukophoresis donor either in the usa. spot you can be an ip donor
> money is always useful

LOL Spot, you're on a roll!  :-)

Speaking of financial donations, I've been wanting to write this since
9-25-01 which was the date I met Michael at the airport for a brief visit.
I had spoken with Michael several times on the phone, but for me until you
meet someone in person you really haven't met them.  It is just so nice to
meet IP people in person and especially the owner of the list.  ( How's that
for sucking up Michael? :-)  )  To me face to face conversation cannot be
replaced by email or phones.  Ok that being said, when I met Michael, I
asked him why don't you just charge a monthly fee for this list so you don't
need to keep the fund raising messages.  He looked at me and said something
to the effect that if he did that we would just have a core group and not be
able to help as many people.  The man really does care and really wants to
reach as many people as he can with this list.  So PLEASE keep that in mind
when those announcements come out about donating money to keep this list

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