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[IP] re: naked pumper/pushy salesmen

Subject: Re: [IP] naked pumper

If someone is pushy about something for any reason, I do/go with something
else.  One should not feel pressured, it arouses my ire.  Linda>>
I agree, if a sales rep was pushing me that hard I would go to a different
company, even if the original was what I really wanted.  I hate pushy sales

As far as wearing it naked, on a necklace (maybe like soap on a rope?), around
my waist, carrying it, I would find a way to do it.  Pumping is the gold
standard of diabetes care and I wouldn't give it up for anything.  After a few
months of pumping, I no longer was aware of it and still forget it is there
unless it is time to bolus.

Faith & SweetiePie,her mighty blue dtron
diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here
pumping since 08-2000
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