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[IP] Kevin's 4th anniversary

I wrote earlier that today is Kevin's 4th anniversary of Diabetes. I forgot to
tell you that on his anniversary, he got to go see the Cardiologist because he
tends to black out when he gets up quick. We didn't think it was truly a
problem, but last week he blacked out and took a ride down the carpeted steps
face first and his poor face and chest was all rug-burned! He had blacked out
just before going down! His Pediatrician thought it best to check it all out
before saying it is just postural hypotension. GOOD NEWS on his
anniversary...his heart is GREAT!!! Doc said just get yourself together before
going down steps or a mountain. She tried to blame it on D, but his bg's were
always good when this happens.

Mom to Kevin, 14, dx TODAY in 1998
pumping 5/99
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