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Re: [IP] Minimed (from Michael)


Of course it is a big decision and one that can come with a certain amount
of fear.  I don't have diabetes - my son does.  He is 8 years old and has
been pumping for a year, this month.  When we decided to try pump therapy,
he was completely opposed to it.  He didn't like the idea of having the pump
attached to him all the time and he really didn't like the idea of having
the catheter in his body all the time.  I insisted that he make an informed
decision which of course required that he at least give the pump a fair
shot.  He changed his mind before he had been pumping insulin for one full
day.  Now he couldn't imagine life without it.  It so improved his quality
of life that all those worries are completely meaningless now.  Not only
does it allow him to live a more normal life, but it allows him to feel
better.  He didn't even realize how his swinging blood glucose levels
affected the way he felt until he started pumping.  Add to that the reduced
risks of complications and you have, IMO, an unbeatable equation.

Certainly it required a break-in period.  For the first month or so, he had
to play around with it a little to figure out what to do with the pump at
certain times, but now the pump is just like a part of him and it doesn't
get in his way anymore than the nose on his face does.

If the sales reps you feel pressured by are pump wearers themselves, I think
that explains the pressure.  Those who have experienced the benefits of
pumping first hand can find it quite hard not to preach to the rest of the
"insulin challenged" world on the virtues of pumping.  As far as wanting to
commit to the pump 100%, I don't know if that's really the right way to look
at it (although I admire you for placing such importance on commitment).  It
would be a little like deciding to marry someone without ever having spoken
to them.  But I can tell you that the VAST majority of people who try pumps,
never go back to shots.

I'm sure that you can find a way to fit the pump into your life, but there
really is only one way to do that and that is to start pumping.  I hope you
go for it.

Good luck,

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The decision to go on a pump is a big
> one for
> me. It is a major decision for MANY reasons. One is that I love to swim
> be at the
> beach. Nude of course. I have mentioned this and have found some support
> from this
> group. Thank those of you that have provided positive advice.
> The second reason this is a tough choice is that I have been taking
> injections for 22
> years. It is what I know. I know I can manage well. My A1C'save been in
> low 6's.
> Anytime people have a major change in their life, it is a BIG decision. To
> change from
> my present management to something I don't know well is a big choice.
> Another reason is that of quality of life. Having a pump hanging off your
> body is a big
> thing to me, and I am sure others as well. It is not something I want to
> lightly. If I
> decide to do this I want to commit 100% to having a pump. I don't want to
> back out a
> few months down the road.
> It is for these reasons that I find the pressure from minimed hard. They
> have been
> helpful. However, now they are saying that laws and insurance may change
> the end
> of this year. They want me to buy the pump now.  They have also said that
> really
> need to be on a pump. This is something I would expect from a doctor, but
> not a sales
> person. I have told them that this is a tough choice for me. My sales
> does not
> seem to understand. I just wanted to know haw other people have dealt with
> the
> business of a pump company. Now for the most part my sales rep has been
> helpful.
> Now as far as being nude. If people don't want to read or respond to my
> posts. So be
> it. This site has provided me with lots of information. I just hope that
> be as supportive as many of you already have been. We all have the same
> condition.
> However, I bet we all deal with diabetes a little bit differently. If we
> did the same
> thing, this group/web site would not exist. I think a group like this is
> very help for
> exchanging information.
> Thank you all so much.
> Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone that posts on this board.
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