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Re: [IP] Replacement pump

Jim Hansfield wrote:
" The second pump is provided only, IIRC, with the H-tron, not the D-tron.
That was done as a requirement of the Swiss government for just the reason
you mention.  Of course I could be wrong (but I'm not uncertain)".

The swiss Government may have set that requirement in Switzerland, but I'd
be surprised if this is mandatory for the US Market.  (I would suggest it's
a good marketing and customer service issue).  In Australia the HTRON is
sold by the Distributor as a 1 Pump system..

More valuable though, in Australia the HTRON is able to be trialled properly
(with Insulin) for 3 months.  Private Health Insurance payment (or
individual payment) is then arranged.  MM previously offered a 1 month trial
in Australia, before purchase.  However it has appears to have ceased about
the time  Meditronic purchased the company.

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