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Re: [IP] RE: minimed pressure (from Michael)

Just wanted to let you know.... I have the MiniMed paradigm pump and you can disconnect (the tubing to your body) for up to an hour.  My hubbie and I find that the easiest way.  Also, it works great when I take showers in the morning.  STeph
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You may be correct about my perception of minimed being pushy. I don't have 
major complaints about the company. The decision to go on a pump is a big 
one for
me. It is a major decision for MANY reasons. One is that I love to swim 
and be at the
beach. Nude of course. I have mentioned this and have found some support 
from this
group. Thank those of you that have provided positive advice.

The second reason this is a tough choice is that I have been taking 
injections for 22
years. It is what I know. I know I can manage well. My A1C'save been in 
the low 6's.
Anytime people have a major change in their life, it is a BIG decision. To 
change from
my present management to something I don't know well is a big choice.

Another reason is that of quality of life. Having a pump hanging off your 
body is a big
thing to me, and I am sure others as well. It is not something I want to 
do lightly. If I
decide to do this I want to commit 100% to having a pump. I don't want to 
back out a
few months down the road.

It is for these reasons that I find the pressure from minimed hard. They 
have been
helpful. However, now they are saying that laws and insurance may change 
at the end
of this year. They want me to buy the pump now. They have also said that 
I really
need to be on a pump. This is something I would expect from a doctor, but 
not a sales
person. I have told them that this is a tough choice for me. My sales 
person does not
seem to understand. I just wanted to know haw other people have dealt with 
business of a pump company. Now for the most part my sales rep has been 

Now as far as being nude. If people don't want to read or respond to my 
posts. So be
it. This site has provided me with lots of information. I just hope that 
be as supportive as many of you already have been. We all have the same 
However, I bet we all deal with diabetes a little bit differently. If we 
all did the same
thing, this group/web site would not exist. I think a group like this is 
very help for
exchanging information.

My wife and I went to an informational meeting. There were about 10 
pumpers, and 10 to 12 potential pumpers. We sat for over an hour listing 
to how great
the pump is. Everyone was asking great questions. Then we asked a question 
having sex with the pump. Know one want to ask about how people have sex 
with a
pump. Once the question was on the floor, everyone want to know. The 
doctors and
nurses spent more time on that question than many of the others. My point 
is that all
questions should be asked and hopefully answered. To some of you I am sure 
this is all
second nature. I am hoping to tap into that knowledge.

Thank you all so much.
Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone that posts on this board.

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