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[IP] Re: Lantus Humalog pump prep-

Besides the Lantus, you might ask your Doctor about utilizing Humalin R with 
the Humalog.  You can mix the two together.  I typically use a mix of 50/50 
to 25/75 or 75/25 depending on the meal.  I found that just using the 
humalog, I would spike up in blood sugar when eating meats and/or slowing 
burning foods.  To compensate, I took a lot of humalog shots.  Mixing the two 
insulin's cured the "spike" problems I was having and cut my short acting 
insulin injections down from 6-7 a day down to 3-4.  I also found that the 
Humalin acted as a boost to the Lantus when I needed a "higher basal rate" 
during the night.  Humalin acts for about 6-8 hours in me while the Humalog 
seemed to last for 1-2 hours.  Not enough to cover a lot of common foods.  
When I take a few hours off from my pump, I just shoot up with about 15 units 
of Humalin and I can relax the entire afternoon- Of course dosages vary, this 
is just for me-.  Also, when I change pump sites, I typically give myself 
about 10 units of humalin to cover the short term giving my new site time to 
work.  Being diabetic for 27 years, my NEW PUMP sites need a FEW hours of 
soaking in my basal rate before my BSg's become normal.    

Bryon  age 39 diagnoised 3/76
email @ redacted         
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