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Re: [IP] How I Hate Injections Information - Is it really "pointless"

On 12/19/02 3:03 AM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Well I'm the Mom who wrote the original message.    We use the ultrafine
> short needles.    And I did remember that before he started pumping a year
> ago we sometimes used the same syringe two or three times if it was
> stored in the insulin container with the insulin and we had done the
> injections at home not out in public.
> I think I've just been under so much stress with all the pump failures
> (we're on Pump #8 since the upgrade) that I wasn't thinking straight.
> I have since reused the syringes,  but find that by the third shot he
> is complaining about them and they are really hard to pierce the skin
> with.

That is probably very true, Barbara.   They put a lubricant on the needle
that allows it to pierce the skin easier and that is probably worn off by
the third time.   Some of us old-timers (read: that used to use the glass
syringes and sharpen our own needles) are maybe thinner skinned people.
That or we are just neuropathic enough to not notice.    ;>)

After you take injections for twenty or thirty years, it seems to get to the
point that it doesn't matter so much how much point it has.  If you get my
point!      :>)

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