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[IP] Re: Minimed being pushy?

One thing I'd like to suggest regarding the report that Minimed was 
being kind of "pushy".  That might be more a matter of perception 
rather than actuality.

Minimed works hard to get things through as a SERVICE to its 
customers.  They take on the headaches of dealing with insurance and 
all that so that you don't have to.  I, for one, was very impressed at 
how LITTLE I had to do to get my pump due to Minimed's intervention.  
I've heard repeatedly at how helpful Minimed is in getting through all 
the red tape of insurance, etc.

So, is it possible that this is being interpretted by someone as 
Minimed being pushy about getting the pump?  Minimed may actually think 
they are being helpful.  

Minimed wouldn't be doing all of this if you hadn't already expressed 
that you wanted a pump through them...so I'm not sure why you think 
they are being pushy when they are simply helping you get the pump that 
you already expressed you wanted (at least, in their eyes...perhaps it 
was the doctor who let Minimed know you wanted the pump without 
discussing it fully with you?).

Just something to consider.
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