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[IP] Re: A1c and meters reporting whole blood vs plasma results

>This is from the literature packaged with my Ultra Test Strips:

>"One Touch Ultra Brand and InDuo Brand Meters read the glucose level
> of a whole blood sample on a One Touch Ultra Test Strip.  One Touch
> Ultra Brand and InDuo Brand Systems are plasma-calibrated to allow
> easy comparison of results with laboratory methods."


That is great news! Well...okay...I was right and wrong.  Meters do 
measure whole-blood. I never considered the fact that they would report 
in plasma-calibrated results.

The reason that is good news...well, in Logbook DM, I provide an 
estimated HbA1c value.  For my tests, my average came out to be about 
138, which is approximately a 6.6.  However, my actual A1c was a 6.0.  
I was curious about such a discrepancy, but attributed it to the fact 
that I must have been lower more often than my actual tests indicated.

Well, as it turns out, I was using the whole-blood calculation to 
determine the HbA1c.  But, I use the Ultra.  If you take the 138 
average using the Plasma-calibrated value, then you get an A1c of 6.0, 
which matches exactly what I had.  

So, the question becomes, are MOST meters calibrated to plasma 
readings?  If so, I will modify Logbook DM to report A1c levels based 
on Plasma readings instead of whole-blood readings. But, if only a few 
do, it might not be worth changing because too many users might not get 
accurate results.

So, does anyone know where you can find out which meters are calibrated 
to report plasma values?
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