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Re: [IP] Donating Blood & organ donation

> I believe (but don't know this for a fact) that
> diabetics cannot be organ donors or donate bone
> marrow.

in canada, according to what i have read, *anyone* can be an organ or tissue
donor, regardless of age or health status.   the medical team will decide if
the organs or tissues are usable.   what's important then is to both fill
out the organ donor card and inform family and friends that you want them to
try to use your organs or tissue in the event of your death.

lot of information at this health canada website:

in the province of ontario, there is a registry of organ donors, you just
have to fill out the registration form, send it in, and they'll attach some
sticker or notice on your health card that says "organ donor".  your next of
kin still has to give consent to attempting to take any organs or tissue,
even if you have signed the card, but at least if you register they will
know that it is your wish.

my medic alert bracelet itself doesn't say organ donor, but i'm in the
system (along with doctor's phone and stuff) as being an organ donor.

now, for some reason, the canadian blood services says that us insulin
dependent diabetics can't donate blood or bone marrow.   who knows.

but we here in canada are all possible organ and tissue donors, so let your
families know if you want your pieces to be used once you croak. :)
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