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Re: [IP] Donating Bone Marrow?

I wanted to be a bone marrow donor up in WA, but they would not let me due
to having diabetes.  The reason was not because they were afraid my marrow
would be bad, it is because surgery for diabetics is not as "safe" as it is
for none diabetics.  I even told them I would be willing to sign a waver and
they said "NO".  I then said what if I could save a life?  What if I am a
match?  They still said "NO".

Fran, who has lived through 15 plus surgeries in the last year and been
diabetic 40 years.
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> Can Diabetics donate bone marrow? They were doing a drive to collect
samples to test to see if anyone in town could be a match for a sick little
girl a few  years ago. I went to sign up and they said they couldn't use me.
> Any one have info. on this? I was just curious--if a family member needed
me, could I donate bone marrow? Would it make the receiver diabetic?
> Sherry C
> From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
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