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[IP] RE: comment about A1c's

I agree with both sides on the comment regarding the low A1c.  I actually
had 4.1% in my last test - 3 weeks ago- (I strongly believe I am still in my
honeymoon but my Endo strongly disagrees with the honeymoon theory.)  I am
horrified and very worried about the low A1c number (which is the actual
reason why I join this site/list), but my endo is just "Happy" with it.  She
actually said "Great Control!, Way to go!"  I do not experiencing severe
lows during the day (after getting on the pump, once a week I  get a low in
the 50s or 40s - mostly after wrongly 'excarbing' for exercise - compared to
every other day on MDI.)  I am afraid I most be going low at nights since it
is not happening during the day.  My typical readings are more in pair with
mid to high 5% (80-110.)

Since my CDE and I are the ones worried she and I have worked to get me in
the CBGM.  My Endo is just happy with the results of the A1c and thinks I am

I am finding out that being a diabetic makes me the expert in me & my
diabetes (I've only been a diabetic for 10 months or so.)  Doctors, to my
limited experience, just have too many patients and they focus on those
whose control is out of range on the high side and not on the low side.  It
might be that per RoseLea's comment I have some help from my genes or that I
am still in honeymoon or who knows what. I am very "anal" about things in
general so my actual goal is to be in the high 5% but I first need to
understand what is causing the 4.1%.

Just my two cents.

Pumping for 6 months.
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